Drzwi NEWAY w dymie

NEWAY Doors premiere

Imagine that from now on, it is possible to combine the best designs, quality, durability and safety.

The NEWAY brand door has just entered the European and world market.

Why don’t you show the best part of you

Your door says much more about you than you might think.
When your guests set foot in your house, they think about you, about themselves and the way you make them feel welcome.
They subconsciously register your status, ponder over who you are, think of your nature,
your sense of style, elegance and imagination.

That’s the same with you, when you come back home you want to believe that your door,
as well as being secure, will reflect your taste.
We believe that everyone wants to bring out their best.
That is why we produce doors.

Własnoręczny podpis

NEWAY Three series of doors with various designs

passion NEWAY doors were born from our passion for design. Modern design, maximum comfort and materials of the highest quality are the basis on which our doors have been created, but the work could only be considered complete when we managed to give them an eye-catching and original appearance.

Desire We like to own items that make us stand out. For centuries, mankind has emphasised its best taste with exclusive additions to their lives, including jewellery, which has always indicated high social and material status, a sense of style and emphasised the beauty of those who wear it. The DESIRE series was created in the process of designing doors that, just like jewellery, highlight their exclusivity with the shine of glass, used in doors intentionally to visually create a kind of jewellery for finely designed buildings.

harmony The HARMONY series was born from the daily need to be surrounded by objects that nature has given birth to and those that make part of our natural environment. Most of us feel a surge of inner peace and quiet when looking at products of the nature. This is the power of harmony with nature that makes people happier. Perhaps this is the path you choose for you and your door?

security package Equipment that protects

Each NEWAY door
are equipped with the SAFETY PLUS security package
The package includes: the highest burglary resistance class „C” insert, anti-burglary bolts on the hinge, safety glass (applies to the pane as part of the active sash), and espagnolettes with locks of burglary resistance class RC2 (as part of the Gold solution) and RC3 (as part of the Platinum solution).


Three standards of NEWAY door equipment 

Choose how you want to control the opening of your new doors. If you are passionate about modern technologies, you want to connect your doors to the Smart Home system and control them with a smartphone, remote control, fingerprint, code keypad – then our doors are definitely for you, but if you do not need anything more than opening the door with a key, then we can offer a basic standard for opening / closing.

Free Support

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Why are NEWAY doors unique?

Modern and original design is not everything. The exclusivity of a product is influenced by many factors.


All door elements are processed in a modern machine park.


The production is carried out by professionals who have made thousands of doors personalized to the requirements of our customers.


We have selected the best profiles that ensure high rigidity of the door structure, even those with impressive dimensions.


At first glance, aluminum door panels do not differ much from others, made of weaker materials, but every user of aluminum doors will appreciate their reliability.


Out of concern for the safety of our customers and their families, all glass packages in our doors are made with the use of safety glass 33.1

Pull handles

Learn about your audience, competition and one-self.


Learn about your audience, competition and one-self.

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Learn about your audience, competition and one-self.


Learn about your audience, competition and one-self.


Learn about your audience, competition and one-self.